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Music Videos of todays most popular artist ...Welcome to Music Video Jukebox.Net. A FREE site to all those who want to view artist performing their most popular songs. For those musicians who are not yet discovered, but would like to have their music videos seen by the public, they can upload their own music videos for review and placement on the Music Video Jukebox.Net website and be music video stars just like those being seen on cable channels such as MTV, VH1 and BET. If you have a favorite music video that is not on our site just use the "Request Music Video" link and let us know which music video(s) you want us to add to the Music Video Jukebox.Net web site library.

Music Video Jukebox.Net provides no cost viewing of popular music videos covering all genres from the music industry. The only purpose of this website is to provide entertainment for those who enjoy music. Music Video Jukebox.Net does not charge for this service or profit from the showing of these music videos in anyway. We at Music Video Jukebox.Net hope you enjoy viewing your favorite music videos and, if so inclined to, go out and purchase your favorite artist's CD at your local music store or an authorized online music vendor.

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